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The Pennsylvania Project

Our mission: To boldly showcase the political, cultural, and environmental challenges facing contemporary Pennsylvania, to solicit, explore, and question potential alternatives.

About The Pennsylvania Project

Our vision at The Pennsylvania Project is a better Pennsylvania.

To achieve that vision, our mission is to showcase the political, cultural, and environmental challenges facing Pennsylvania, and to explore their solutions.

But more important than solving the problem correctly, is to solve the correct problem.

All episodes of The Pennsylvania Project are divided into three parts: You, Them, and Me.

Part 1 is all about You: your questions, your opinions, your solutions, your whatever.  But rather than a call-in format common to most talk radio shows, The Pennsylvania Project is an “e-mail in” format.  Have something to say?  Send us a question!

Part 2 is all about Them, so each episode we host a guest to help showcase the political, cultural, and environmental issues facing Pennsylvania.

Part 3 is my turn, your ‘caster Ken Krawchuk, focusing on a particular issue that “sticks in my craw”.

All in all, the show is thought-provoking, novel, and fun.  And the goal is not just to complain, but to explore workable solutions, whether it’s defusing the abortion debate, ending the opioid crisis, reducing gun deaths, or a host of other challenges facing Pennsylvania.  That’s what we’re about.  We’re The Pennsylvania Project.

Ken Krawchuk

Ken Krawchuk


The Pennsylvania Project is hosted by Ken Krawchuk, a native Philadelphian who was raised in a row home in the Feltonville part of town.

He has run for Pennsylvania Governor three times on the Libertarian ticket, facing Tom Ridge in 1998, Ed Rendell in 2002, and Tom Wolf in 2018, setting record vote totals for a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate in each successive race.

Professionally, Ken is an Information Technology entrepreneur and holds three U.S. Patents related to database theory.

Additionally, Ken is a professional public speaker, a Distinguished Toastmaster, a graduate of the Abington Citizens’ Police Academy, and author of the novel Atlas Snubbed, a pastiche parody sequel of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

In his spare time, Ken enjoys whitewater canoeing, year-round overnight backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, and craft IPAs.

He and his wife Roberta have three daughters and three grandchildren (so far) and live in Abington Township, a Philadelphia suburb.

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20. Folkin’ Around in Schwenksville, with Jon Detweiler

20. Folkin’ Around in Schwenksville, with Jon Detweiler

Ken’s guest is Jon Detweiler, second in command at the nation’s longest-running outdoor music event, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, why it still draws thousands for the fifty-eighth consecutive year, and why it’s so much better than Woodstock. And rather than listener-submitted questions, Ken sets up shop in the middle of the Fest campground to interview a steady parade of random Festers.
19. Plumbing the Depths of Over-Regulation, with Marc Bozzacco

19. Plumbing the Depths of Over-Regulation, with Marc Bozzacco

Ken’s guest is Marc Bozzacco, Master Plumber and Journeyman Steamfitter, discussing the high cost of over-regulation of the craft trades, and how the constantly-changing regulatory landscape wastes millions. Then there are the listener-submitted questions about taxes (again), free markets for organ transplants, and Paul’s Law.

The Team

Marc Bozzacco

Marc Bozzacco

Executive Producer

Marc Bozzacco lives in Abington Township, is Married to Eva Bozzacco and is also a Master Plumber, Union Steamfitter, and an Eagle Scout.

Paul Nicotera

Paul Nicotera

Content Producer

Paul Nicotera is 13 year resident of Pennsylvania. Paul is a Senior Manager at a Fortune 500 Telecom Company and has worked in the telecom Industry for over 20 years. He is a Veteran of the United States Army who has served in Germany and Bosnia. Paul also spent time as a college radio host in Buffalo, NY, and DJ’d throughout his 20’s.  He is a husband and father of three. Paul is also the 2019 Libertarian Nominee for Commissioner in Upper Dublin, PA.

Conner Drigotas

Conner Drigotas

Director of Communications

Conner Drigotas is the Director of Communications for a nonprofit law firm, helping those who have been hurt by public-sector union officials. He is also a wedding officiant and blogger. A native Mainer, Conner spends his free time hiking, fishing, and hunting with his fiancé, Danielle. All opinions expressed are his own.

Steven Werley

Steven Werley

Director of Marketing

Steven Werley is a digital marketing consultant focusing on website design, marketing automation, and local SEO. He owns his own business and has his own podcast, Local Domination Roadmap. He is a father, loves running, eating ice cream, and making other people money.

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