Episode 12

No Justice, Just Us with Dan Wassmer



No Justice, Just Us

Ken’s guest is Attorney Dan Wassmer, former Bucks County assistant Solicitor, dodging discussing why lawyers are so damn expensive, the evils of corporate personhood, blatantly racist courts, or how they’ve effectively monopolized the “justice” system and excluded regular people. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week is another one of no one’s favorite: Inept drivers.

Found in this episode:

What’s in the Mail Bag? 00:02:30-00:13:00

  • Don’t lower the drinking age – eliminate it!
  • Is capital punishment murder?
  • The evils of the Convention of States
  • Sanctuary cities: support, oppose – or neither?

A Conversation with attorney Dan Wassmer 00:15:15-00:44:45

  • Why are lawyers so damn expensive?
  • Why form a corporation – and why not?
  • Eliminate corporate personhood?
  • Are our courts racist?
  • Why don’t attorneys answer questions on radio shows?

What Sticks in Ken’s Craw? Inept Drivers 00:48:00-00:55:45

  • Standard complaints: tailgating, no signals, blowing lights
  • Why “good” drivers get rear-ended, cause accidents, and are otherwise a pain
  • Cars full of poisons and “dirty energy”, an ecological disaster on wheels
  • How to psych out self-driving cars before they take the fun out of driving



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