Episode 7

Conservative vs. Libertarian with Joe Basrawi



Ken’s guest is Joseph Basrawi, card-carrying member of the GOP, one of the two old parties that sticks in Ken’s craw.


Found in this episode:

What’s in the Mail Bag? 00:02:00-00:13:30

  • Plurality voting: how to choose several of the least of several evils?
  • Should government fund basic research, despite its awful track record?
  • What is the appeal of government schools?
  • What’s the reach of WWDB 860 AM, host of The Pennsylvania Project?

A conversation with Joseph Basrawi 00:15:30-00:00:45:30

  • Primaries?
  • Can one sentence capture what Republicans stand for? Apparently not.
  • Does todays the Left stand for personal freedom?
  • Government permits vs. “Can’t License” sentencing; Mommy vs. Liberty
  • Another excuse for that theft known as taxation.
  • Pro-Life? Pro-Choice? Pro-Option?

What Sticks in Ken’s Craw? The two old parties!00:48:00-00:00:56:00

  • Who represents the Democratic philosophy, John Kennedy or Bernie Sanders?
  • Who represents the Republican philosophy, Ronald Regan or Donald Trump?
  • Their philosophy changes almost daily
  • P.J O’Rourke on the difference
  • George Washington on the difference
  • How to reduce the damage the two old parties do



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