Episode 32

Champions of the Downtrodden, with David Osbourne

Episode Notes

Ken’s guest is David Osborne, president, co-founder, and general counsel of the Fairness Center in Harrisburg, a nonprofit, public interest law firm that provides free legal services to those hurt by public-sector union officials.

What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week is corporate personhood..

Guest Toastmaster Narrator: Michael Ferry

Guest Toastmaster Cohort: D. Preston


Found in this episode:

What’s in the Mail Bag?

· DOZENS of Libertarian electoral victories!

· The plans of one of those elected Libertarians

· Are Libertarians on the political left or the political right – or someplace else?

A Conversation with David Osborne

· Is the choice to pay union dues or get fired?

· Trapping employees in unions via “maintenance of membership” policies

· Did David’s Supreme Court victories end such nonsense?

What Sticks in Ken’s Craw? Corporate Personhood

· “Corporations are people, my friend?” Yeah, right.

· Sullying the Pennsylvania Constitution with corporate nonsense

· Why are corporate officers above the law?

· End corporate personhood!



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