Episode 2

A Taxing Situation, with Gary St. Fleur


A Taxing Situation, with Gary St. Fleur

Ken’s guest is Gary St. Fleur, Libertarian candidate for Mayor of Scranton in 2017, discussing the city’s tax woes, population decline, and imminent bankruptcy.

Found in this episode:

What’s in the Mail Bag? 00:02:00-00:14:00
• Cannabis decriminalization
• Libertarian solutions to protecting the environment
• Problems with potholes! • What is Toastmasters?

A Conversation with Gary St. Fleur 00:16:40-00:44:30
• Introduction
• Successfully suing to stop over taxation
• Act 511 of 1965: Are all local taxes unconstitutional?
• More than half the police and firefighters on disability – and working for the county!

What Sticks in Ken’s Craw? Traffic laws! 00:46:00-00:57:00
• Nobody stops for stop signs – eliminate them! • Nobody does the speed limit – no more speed limit signs! • No drivers licenses??

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