Episode 2

Manufactured Gun Rights, with Konstantin Divinsky


Manufactured Gun Rights

Ken’s guest is Konstantin Divinsky, a firearms manufacturer from York, PA, discussing liability issues, the regulatory environment, and other challenges of his profession. Be sure to catch the video when he breaks out a foldable, fully-automatic AR-15! The listener-submitted questions include cutting social programs, separating society and state, and everyone’s favorite topic – abortion – and how to defuse the debate..

What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? The very nature of taxation

Guest Toastmaster Narrator: Taylor Cardish of the Positively Charged Toastmasters club at Philadelphia Electric Co.

Found in this episode:

What’s in the Mail Bag? 00:00 -14:00

  • Replace the minimum wage with Universal Basic Income? How about replacing it with nothing?
  • Past attempts at a Universal Basic Income had no impact, other than making recipients happier.
  • Penalizing politicians for breaking their oath to the constitution?

A Conversation with Konstantin Divinsky 16:00 – 48:00

  • Manufacturing firearms in Pennsylvania
  • Limitation of liability for firearms manufacturers
  • Industrial issues vs. political issues.
  • Engaging with Lefitsts

What Sticks in Ken’s Craw? The very idea of taxation 50:00 – 58:00

  • Taxation: A crime against humans, against humanity
  • Taxation: Home invasions, armed robbery, extortion, and worse
  • What happens to the tax dollar sent to Washington? (Be sure to see the video!)
  • The alternative: The Charitable Credit Act



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