Episode 4

Gunning for a Solution, with Maj Toure


Gunning for a Solution with Maj Toure
Ken’s Guest is Maj Toure, Libertarian candidate for Philadelphia City Council and founder of Black Guns Matter, an organization teaching gun safety and self-defense in the inner city.

Found in this episode:
What’s in the mail bag? 00:02:00-00:16:00

  • What can we do about gerrymandering?
  • What do you think about MAGA?
  • Is there a plan to repair old bridges?
  • Could you address recent gun control legislation in Harrisburg?

A Conversation with Maj Toure.* 00:19:00-00:45:00

  • Touring with Black Guns Matter, teaching gun safety in inner cities
  • Lack of education in urban areas a conspiracy?
  • Why is Maj running as a Libertarian?
  • Marijuana “The Gateway Drug”
  • Maj’s Platform: Criminal Justice Reform, Marijuana Decriminalization, and Education 

What Sticks in Ken’s Craw? Gun Laws!* 00:47:00-00:57:00

  • How do we save the most lives?
  • Gun violence statistics
  • Are guns the right thing to ban?
  • CDC gun violence study
  • Pennsylvania Constitution, Article 1 Section 21 



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