Episode 5

Insuring Trouble from the State, with Mike Bruckner


Show Notes

Insuring Trouble from the State, with Mike Bruckner
Ken’s guest is Mike Bruckner, activist and long-time critic of the Pennsylvania insurance industry.

Found in this episode:

What’s in the Mail Bag? 00:02:00-00:00:15:45
• The late great Evil Irv Homer
• Educating voters about Libertarianism
• Do we really need a state amphibian?
• How to get people to become politically involved.
• More complaints about the roads!

A Conversation with Mike Bruckner 00:17:45-00:44:00
• Introduction
• Insurance companies allowed to ignore appraisals.
• Lobbying the state to reform insurance regulations
• The Pennsylvania Insurance Commission runs amok.
• Be careful what you wish for with insurance reform
• Direct political action against individual regulators?

What Sticks in Ken’s Craw? The Primary Elections! 00:46:30-00:56:30
• Quick history of primaries
• Who understands them?
• The problem with open primaries
• Atheists setting standards for priests?
• The two old parties acting as their own special interest
• $20,000,000 down the drain, year after year
• Zeroing out funding for primaries



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