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Gunning for a Solution with Maj Toure

Ken’s Guest is Maj Toure, Libertarian candidate for Philadelphia City Council and founder of Black Guns Matter, an organization teaching gun safety and self-defense in the inner city.

Episode 4    |    56min

3. Torturing Sex Workers, with Melanie Dante

Ken’s guest is Melanie Dante who joins in for a lively discussion on survival sex, sex work and sex trafficking, including the “vinimal” caught in the middle of changing legislative landscapes, and why DECRIM 4 SAFETY is what a new generation of allied workers, survivors and organizations are hoping and fighting for

2. A Taxing Situation, with Gary St. Fleur

Ken’s guest is Gary St. Fleur, Libertarian candidate for Mayor of Scranton in 2017, discussing the city’s tax woes, population decline, and imminent bankruptcy.

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