Episode 11

Who Guards the Guardians?


Who Guards the Guardians?

Ken’s guest is a captain in the Pennsylvania National Guard. But what is the Guard? What do they do? Where do they serve? Who commands them, Washington, Harrisburg, or the headlines? Most importantly, who pays for them? The answer to these and many more questions all start out with the same two words: “It depends”. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week is no one’s favorite, but it should be: Jury Duty.

Found in this episode:

What’s in the Mail Bag? xx:xx:xx-xx:xx:xx

  • Reducing the size of the state house
  • Racist cops on Facebook
  • A new “police tax” in Pennsylvania’s hinterlands?
  • Feeling ignored, violated, and gutted? So is Pennsylvania’s constitution.

A Conversation with Captain Jim xx:xx:xx-xx:xx:xx

  • What does the Guard do?
  • Inefficiencies galore, one after the other
  • Deployments galore: Iraq, New Orleans, and New Jersey
  • The fiscal dangers behind states of emergency
  • The bigger the budget, the better!
  • The Guard as cop

What Sticks in Ken’s Craw? Jury Duty xx:xx:xx-xx:xx:xx

  • Why it gets a well-deserved bad rap – but is that deliberate?
  • The secret power of the jury, a present from William Penn to us
  • “Troublemaker Penn” repeatedly arrested for preaching in the streets
  • Guilty as all hell, but the jury refused to convict, disobeying judge and king
  • The result? A new, unstoppable right: Jury Nullification
  • It helped defeat slavery, Prohibition, and other tyrannical acts of government

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