Episode 22

Pennsylvania has a what??

Pennsylvania Has a What??

Ken’s guest is a virtual unknown: The Pennsylvania Constitution. What powers possessed by We The People are lurking within? What powers have those sneaky politicians illegally assumed for themselves? And why hasn’t the Pennsylvania Constitution been (and isn’t it being) taught in our schools? Don’t like the answers to these questions? Then sign the petition! The listener-submitted questions touch on the questionable Deana’s Law, and the question of a co-host.

What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? Dangerous Pennsylvania Education!

Guest Toastmaster Narrator: Dodie Preston and her son Josh, of Cerner Toastmasters in Malvern PA

Found in this episode:

What’s in the Mail Bag? xx:xx:xx-xx:xx:xx

  • Even more about Pennsylvania rangers – but this time it’s good news
  • Complaints about absurd, unworkable Libertarian solutions and B-movie Sewer People
  • Deana’s Law: a correct solution, but not solving the correct problem when it comes to drunk drivers
  • A co-host for The Pennsylvania Project?

A Deep Dive into the Pennsylvania Constitution xx:xx

  • Pennsylvania has a constitution? Yep.
  • Ignored, violated, and gutted? Yep.
  • Seventeen provisions blatantly being violated? Yep.
  • The right to bear arms shall not be questioned? Yep. Or so it says.

What Sticks in Ken’s Craw? Dangerous Government Education

  • How do you keep a populace ignorant of their rights? Don’t teach them how their government works.
  • How to turn that situation around? Sign our petition!
  • https://www.pennsylvaniaproject.com/petition-in-support-of-teaching-the-pennsylvania-constitution-to-our-children/



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