Episode 6

Can’t We All Just Get along? with Carmina Taylor


Can’t We All Just Get along? with Carmina Taylor

Ken’s guest is Carmina Taylor, Branch President of the Ambler NAACP. They discuss solutions to improve human relations. Their conversation stretches from the courts to the schools to lawn chairs and a potluck lunch behind an 18th century log house hosting a necessary conversation.

Found in this episode:

What’s in the mail bag? 00:02:00-00:12:45

  • Libertarian electoral success
  • High gas prices
  • Pennsylvania minting silver
  • State police claiming most of the gas tax
  • Cannabis legalization

A conversation with Carmina Taylor 00:15:00-00:46:00

  • Introduction
  • NAACP Ambler Chapter
  • Organizing Lieutenant Governor Candidate Forum
  • Middle Way Tour – Morgan Log House
  • Assisting those treated unfairly by law enforcement
  • Navigating the court system

What sticks in Ken’s craw? 00:48:50-00:57:00

  • Second class citizenship, mandated by law, that’s what!
  • A plethora of protected classes abound: gays, women, minorities, businesses, politicians, married couples, and more.
  • But what of the unprotected, the second-class citizens created by law?
  • Whatever happened to equality?
  • What’s good for the goose and gander also good for the goose and goose, and the gander and gander?



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